5 Steps to a Heatstroke-Free Summer for Pets in the UAE

5 Steps to a Heatstroke-Free Summer for Pets in the UAE

It’s that time of the year when the scorching summer heat of Dubai is upon us. For pet parents, this means being especially vigilant towards our pets’ safety. 

Here are some ways to prevent instances of heatstroke in your pets during the summer. All scenarios in this blog are based on real-life cases we have seen.

(Tip: Download and print our Heatstroke First Aid Keep Sheet for more tips and keep a copy on your fridge for easy access.)

1. Watch Out For Hot Pavements and Tarmacs

Pavements, sand & tarmac can reach extremely high temperatures during the Summer Months.

AIR temp 25 – 31C

PAVEMENT temp 52 – 62C*

(* in direct sunlight, no wind)

Press the back of YOUR hand (or bare foot) to the ground for 5 seconds.

If it is too hot for you, it is too hot for them. 

2. Keep Your Pets Indoors

High humidity and heat levels can compromise your pets’ ability to cool themselves. On days when humidity is particularly high, it is best to keep your pet indoors and outdoor activities and exercise to a minimum.

3. Beware of Dogs Inside Cars

Many dogs love car rides but when the temperatures start to rise, cars can be a very dangerous place for them. If your dog is riding in the back, please make sure that there is Rear AC available. Even if it is nice & cool in the front, temperatures can get dangerously high back and they can be in direct sunlight too!

Also, every time you exit your car, check your car to make sure your pet hasn’t snuck into the car without you knowing.

Dogs can die in hot cars!

4. Be Aware of Where Your Pets Are

Of course, no one would intentionally lock their pets outside especially during the punishing heat of a Dubai summer, but accidents do happen – wind blows doors shut with pets on the wrong side, owners think the pets are inside & shut the doors to keep the house cool, pets quietly pop out for a quick toilet break & no one notices.

Always be aware of where your pets are.

5. Keep Your Gates Closed

Watch out for Gardeners and Workmen unintentionally leaving side gates or doors open. Animals might take the opportunity to take themselves for an impromptu walk or adventure but quickly get disoriented and unable to get home or find the door/gate has shut behind them.

The blazing heat of Dubai summers must always be kept in mind when it comes to the safety of our pets. Always remember that things can go wrong quicker than you think. 

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