Teaching Kids Responsible Pet Ownership

Teaching Kids Responsible Pet Ownership

Having a pet in a child’s life fosters their natural nurturing abilities, develops responsibilities, and results in a lifelong impact on the child’s development.

At 2Feet4Paws Veterinary Clinic, we enjoy finding ways to teach children to become the animal defenders of tomorrow. 

For this reason, we launched the BOOPworm Challenge. We asked parents to share pictures and videos of their children, our adorable BOOPworm(ers), reading to their pets. From the entries we received, we were overwhelmed to see the affection these young children have for the Family Paws/Claws.

There is no shortage of studies outlining the very unique benefits of children reading to pets – significantly increasing their literacy skills. Having a pet at home provides your child with a non-judgmental, non-correcting reading buddy. It is also a wonderful activity to cultivate the ever-growing bond between your child and their pet. 

We loved the enthusiasm shown by our BOOPworm(ers) and their pets! Stay tuned for the next challenge.