Social Distancing Measures at 2Feet4Paws

Social Distancing Measures at 2Feet4Paws

Day to day life has certainly changed for us all but we are very happy to adjust to play our part to:

* Keep our Staff safe & well

* Keep our Clients safe & well and to

* maintain business as usual, uninterrupted.

To this end, we are happy to outline our current Social Distancing Measures

1. We are now only able to see Clients on an Appointment only basis

Clinic Hours

Sunday – Thursday 8am – 10pm

Friday -Saturday 9am – 5pm

2. We aim to keep you for the shortest time possible here in the Clinic so you can get yourselves home. The above measures are to do what we can to adhere to Social Distancing recommendations & alleviate congestion in our Waiting Areas

3. If you are currently self-isolating but are still worried about your pets, please do not hesitate to call or email us. Always happy for a chat and if we can help, we will.

4. Our stringent disinfection protocol within the Clinics is working well.
Areas that are touched regularly (door handles, reception surfaces etc) disinfected regularly with a veterinary grade product.

Finally, we would like to say we hugely appreciate the support of our 2F4P Clients during this difficult time for many small businesses.
Our whole team wishes to be here for your pets for the long haul. We are confident that, together, we can weather this unprecedented time for us all.
For more information, please contact 2Feet4Paws Veterinary Clinic on 04 552 0213