Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

While it is not something any of us want to dwell on, it is the sad fact that most pets do not live as long as humans.

Making the difficult decision & taking responsibility for a peaceful and painfree death should be considered the kindest act for a much loved pet.

‘Euthanasia’ is a Greek term essentially meaning a “good death” – one that occurs without pain or distress.

‘Put to sleep’ is the most commonly or well known term.

[We are all pet owners and so, completely understand the range of emotions and sadness that you will experience at this time.]


Depending on your pet’s circumstances & your preference, you have the option of your pet being put to sleep either at home or here in the Clinic.

Together with your vet, you can decide which may be the best option in your individual circumstances.

Beforehand, the Vet will explain to you the process & tell you what to expect.

Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

We will always try to schedule your appointment at a quiet time in the Clinic or make arrangements for you, your pet & your Vet to have a quiet, private and peaceful part of the Clinic to yourselves.

You will be asked to sign a Consent Form giving permission for a Member of our Veterinary Staff to carry out the euthanasia.

Deciding whether to stay with your pet or not, is a completely personal decision.

There is no “right’ thing to do – some people find it comforting to stay with their pet. Others prefer to give them a kiss goodbye & let us take care of them from then on.

Once your pet has passed away, if you wish to, you can take some time alone with your pet, to finish saying goodbye.


Before you sign the Consent Form you will be asked what you would like to happen to your pet’s body after your pet has passed away.

Burial of a pet is not permitted in the UAE, especially in the case of rented accommodation.

This leaves Cremation.
There are 2 options available:
Standard (your pet’s ashes will not be returned) OR

Private Individual Cremation (the ashes will be returned to you in a tasteful, discreet carved wooden box).


We are all pet owners, so please know how sorry we are for your loss & completely understand the full range of emotions experienced when we lose an animal member of the family.

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