Let’s help them live HOP-ily ever after!

Let’s help them live HOP-ily ever after!

Despite rabbits being one of the most popular pets, they sadly, are amongst the most neglected, with a huge proportion living out their days confined to a hutch, alone and unable to display the behaviours they would show in the wild.

Just because they are quiet, their welfare & quality of life should not be overlooked or underestimated.

2Feet4Paws Veterinary Clinic feel very strongly that we want to educate and improve the living conditions of all bunnies.

It’s important to have a clear understanding of what is required to care for a rabbit before bringing one into your home. Unfortunately, many rabbits are neglected due to a lack of knowledge or commitment from their owners.

Are they good pets for Children?

It’s important to note that rabbits are not suitable pets for children as they can be nervous and may bite or scratch when stressed. Building a relationship with a rabbit takes time and patience, which children may not have.

Do they like being picked up?

Rabbits may not enjoy being picked up or petted as it can make them feel like they are being caught by a predator. Responsible rabbit owners limit handling their rabbits to necessary check-ups on their health, recognizing that the true joy of rabbit ownership comes from observing their natural behaviours and movements.

What about space?

Pet Rabbits also require a significant amount of space. Keeping a rabbit in a small hutch. A good rule of thumb is to have an enclosure that is at least 3m x 2m by 1m high.

I only want one rabbit!

Studies show that rabbits value companionship just as much as food. Observing a group of bonded rabbits interacting and caring for each other highlights the importance of providing rabbits with companionship. Keeping a rabbit alone is considered inhumane due to their social nature and need for interaction with other rabbits.

How to care for my rabbits?

Caring for a rabbit also requires daily cleaning and providing fresh hay and bedding. They can live for over 10 years so be prepared for a lot of clean-outs! They are also prone to medical issues, so regular visits to the vet are necessary.

Furthermore, rabbits are not cheap pets to maintain, as they require secure outdoor enclosures, food, hay, bedding, neutering, and vet visits.

Despite these challenges, RABBITS ARE, curious, beautiful animals that deserve to live full and enriched lives. So to wrap up Proper care for rabbits requires a significant commitment, including

  • providing them with a suitable living environment,
  • have at least two,
  • daily cleaning and check-ups,
  • regular vet visits and have them neutered,
  • providing them with good quality hay and pellets along with fresh vegetables daily

It’s also important to keep in mind that rabbits can live for up to 12 years, so it’s a long-term commitment.

Source: Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund “Think you want a Rabbit”