Heat Stroke Basic First Aid

Heat Stroke Basic First Aid

Whether it is your first Summer in Dubai or you’ve had a lot of experience with the kind of temperatures that we get, here are some safety and care tips to keep in mind to better take care of your pets in this heat.

If your dog or cat is suffering from heatstroke, it is important to lower their body temperature gradually. Use cool water instead of large quantities of ice or icy water.

Beat the Heat Keep Sheet

Join 2Feet4Paws in saying NO to Heatstroke this Summer.Heatstroke, if not dealt with properly, can be fatal. Remember, things can go wrong quicker than you think.We are sharing with you all a Beat the Heat Keep Sheet. This is a step-by-step guide that will help you if you do suspect that your pet might be at risk from heatstroke.This is available for download on our website. You may also call or message us if you would like a copy. Easily print and stick it on your fridge for easy access.Dubailand – 04 552 0213 Palm Jumeirah – 04 442 8330#NOHeatstroke #ProtectThePaws #SummerSafety

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Download and print the Heatstroke First Aid Keep Sheet for more tips and keep a copy on your fridge for easy access.

In case of emergency, you may contact 2Feet4Paws Veterinary Clinic on 04 552 0213 (Dubailand).